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Bonamici Racing rearset systems

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When developing motorcycle models, motorcycle engineers try to create motorcycle ergonomics as the basis for the EV's "average arithmetic" pilot's height. There are street and highway motorcycles suitable for taller riders, there are also models on which a taller rider can feel true claustrophobia

When buying a modern car, it is possible to adjust the seat distance, height, steering wheel seriously - in the case of motorcycles, such an option is practically non-existent. It is possible to adjust the height of the gearshift, clutch and brake levers, the steering angles for street motorcycles, and some motorcycles have very minimal variation in crawl height. Then the question remains whether to try to get used to the options offered by the motorcycle manufacturer, or to replace the OEM parts with an "aftermarket" - makes riding a motorcycle different.

One of the first things to look at - self-confident systems - ‘aftermarket’, is why systems offer the ability to adjust the height and position of the steps themselves forwards / backwards in more or more variations, providing greater road contact with greater hand load - which is one of the basic principles of safe motorcycling. Even in a situation where we have learned to drive fast in curves, it happens that the original steps, when damned, quickly start to approach the asphalt, and there is a real need to increase their distance from the ground.

Many have heard of the Moto GP, or Race shift type - when the first speed is up - the second, third, etc. down. So what are the main benefits - why driving sportier - pilots choose this version of the closure. First of all, precision - when closing the gear lever, shifting and precision and the possibility of reduction do not engage in speed or "stay between the gaps". Secondly, more often in curves it is necessary to shift to a higher gear, and in left turns there is a situation where the foot is not possible under the selector lever - which makes it necessary to change the selected trajectory in the middle of the curve when the motorcycle is raised. Which reduces the stability of the motorcycle and also loses the seconds so important for motorcyclists.

SFRT in its assortment and selected 100% Italian manufacturers of Bonamici Racing step systems, which have proven themselves in the World SBK race (BMW, Yamaha, Aprilia and Honda teams cooperate with this manufacturer). When ordering, Bonamici Racing step system deliveries also offer larger additional options - from several types of steps and switches themselves, to carbon heel protection plates and color accents. It is also possible to create a completely individual color gamut. The products are milled from a "billet" aluminum block - which provides fantastic durability even in the event of an unforeseen event (has been tested in practice). Instead of traditional bearings, the gearshift and brake pedal movement have only bearings that reduce friction and improve accuracy

What is good and chosen by leading motorcyclists is not always unaffordable. We understand that the price is important and also - and for Bonamici Racing's world-class rungs it is very reasonable - starting from 274.00 Euros. Spare parts and assortments of accessories are also available in the SFRT warehouse independently - it is essential not to maintain independent contact with a lathe or milling machine, so that in a situation when a part is needed, trying to create it yourself.

More information about the available options, as well as the product range can be found at www.sfrt.lv


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